Martin Luther taught that whatever work one is called to do--whether shoemaker or mother--that is one's primary ministry.  Stuff done at church is secondary.  At Peace, we emphasize "the priesthood of all believers," (1 Peter 2:4-10) so our teachers, in the classroom, are ministering.  Our mechanic, in his shop, doing good and honest work, is ministering.  Our retired folk, in being good neighbors, looking after their families, and volunteering in the community, are ministering.  Loving God and loving our neighbor (Matthew 22:6-10) are our primary ministries, and that can--and should--be done all the time.  One doesn't need a sanctioned church activity to "do ministry."
Nevertheless, we do offer specific church ministries at Peace, namely...
  • Worship!  Every Sunday at 10:00am, but read more about our proposed worship opportunities on our Future Vision page!
  • Learning!  Adult weekday evening Bible study throughout the year (see calendar for specific dates and times); Confirmation for our middle-high school students; children's and youth ministries in conjunction with other Holbrook congregations; special workshops and seminars both by ourselves and in cooperation with other ministries
  • Fellowship!  Developing deeper relationships with each other so that we can better know how to care for each other is a way-of-life with us at Peace Lutheran.  Whether chatting during the coffee fellowship after worship or getting to know each other better over dinner at each other's homes, fellowship is an important ministry here.
  • Serving at_Bread_of_LifeCommunity Service!  We support a number of ministries beyond our doorstep, including providing meals at the Bread of Life Mission (a rescue shelter) just down the street and at the NAOMI House (Native American Outreach Ministries, Inc., a group foster home for children) in nearby Joseph City, providing funding for the First Step Workshop (for people with developmental disabilities) and the nearby (in Sun Valley) Native American Christian Academy (excellent, personalized Christian education for Grades 1-8), plus supporting other worthwhile causes within our community and region.
  • Financial Support!  Besides those ministries mentioned above, we also support our Holbrook Senior Citizen Center, the New Life Pregnancy Center, missionaries Al & Cheryl Jensen (Bible translators in Brazil), campus minister Sam Richardson at Arizona State University, the Truckers Chapel just east of Holbrook  and many other Gospel-centered ministries across the country and world.  Our contributions may not be sizeable in the world's eyes but we believe that Jesus can do miracles with bread and fish! (Matthew 14:17) 
     We encourage any of our folk who have a heart for a particular ministry and desire additional support for it to discuss the matter with our Church Council.  Let's see what we can do together for God's sake!

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