Our ChurchLeadership

Other than the pastor, all leadership positions at Peace Lutheran Church are voluntary--but what quality folks we have in various capacities!


Our worship accompanist (piano/organ), Yolanda Canaday, is second-to-none.  During the week, Yolanda travels to Flagstaff, where she provides piano accompaniment for NAU's choirs and music majors.  How blessed we are to have a musician of such high caliber as Yolanda!


Our Church Council President is Del Novell, a middle school teacher of industrial technology, who also serves as the athletic director for the Holbrook Middle School.  Del's wife, Ginny Novell--herself a technology instructor at Holbrook High--serves very capably as our Treasurer.  Jeff Eavenson, a retired DPS officer, is our Vice President while Vivian May, a retired hospital administrator, is our Financial Secretary.  Faryn Seal, volunteer-extraordinaire, who uses her considerable talents in music, organization, decorating and more, serves as our Secretary.  Yolanda Canaday, mentioned above, also serves on our Council, as does John May, a retired Navajo County Sheriff's Deputy and part-time rancher, who brings his considerable experience and skills to the table.  Caitlyn Keel directs our prayer ministry.  Barbara Justman, another of our charter members, serves as our sacristan, making sure our chancel is ready-for-worship.  Retired Anglican priest Bob Maxwell is always ready to fill-in as needed in any number of capacities. 


All of our other members, as the need arises, step up-to-the-plate to provide leadership and assistance.  We are family here at Peace--and all family members play an important part! 


Back Row: Yolanda Canaday, Faryn Seal, Vivian May, Ginny Novell

Front Row: Jeff Eavenson, Pastor Jeff Johnson, John May, Del Novell        







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